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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Entertainer’s Space

Posted by smartadmin1 on October 16, 2019
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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Entertainer’s Space

Summer is fast approaching, and there is no better way to enjoy New Zealand’s warmer months than by getting your friends and family together for great food and drinks under the sun. First, you have to create a space worthy of entertaining into the evening’s cooler hours. Modern Style, as one of the country’s leading suppliers of elegant, high quality home décor, knows just what design elements and outdoor furniture NZ needs to create the perfect summer hangout location.


Here are a few tips for ensuring your entertainment zone is a hit this summer.

1. Choose Your Space

Evaluate your garden and decide where your entertainment zone should be located. If the space is small, you can still use pavers for an awesome entertainment area. Even a home’s side laneway can be turned into a charming little retreat from the sun and prying eyes.

If you have a sloped garden you can build out a series of patios that utilise pavers and are connected by paver steps. You can use these patios for multiple applications: BBQing, dining and lounging.

If you have a flat, large garden you might want to consider creating separate zones connected by different pavement walkways.

2. Outdoor Kitchens for Summer Feasts

 No outdoor entertainment zone is complete without a space to eat and cook. Your outdoor kitchen should be built within close proximity to the actual house for easier access to plumbing and electricity.

Your kitchen should contain all modern amenities including a dishwasher, fridge, sink and electricity for making cocktails. It should have a BBQ and, if you are really looking to party this summer, a pizza oven. If you want to enjoy the cricket season outside, create a covered patio area with a mounted flatscreen.

3. Ensure the Space is Comfortable

 Your outdoor living area should be as comfortable as that of the indoors. Install patio pavers for the surface and arrange them in an interesting style. You can also build half walls around the zone to produce a sense of privacy or purpose.


A paver fire pit is an awesome way to invigorate the outdoor area. It will provide year-round warmth, and not in the summer months when the nights cool down. Build it close to a bench so that you can sit and enjoy the fire as well as have a place to rest plates and drink glasses.

 4. Sound System

 Choose the ultimate sound system and wire it outside so that your guests can enjoy some tunes, have a boogie and create the perfect vibe for your summer soirees.

 5. Lighting

 It’s vital that your entertainment space is well lit. Your guests have to be able to know whee they are going and whom they are chatting with at all times of the day. After all, what would be the point of creating a beautiful entertainer’s space if you couldn’t see any of it? Ensure your party goes well into the night by strategically installing quality lighting throughout the space.